Educational Ideas
Educational Ideas and School Characteristics
I.      Bachelor’s Degree Education(3+2)
Bring into line with state higher education admission plan
Sectional type of education——3 years in China, 2 years abroad.
Double diploma—— completion of the courses accredited by the university, the student will obtain the diploma and certificate of Dalian Jiaotong University.
II.  “3+2” Bachelor’s Degree education of foreign university
School recruits students independently.
Recruit students independently—— high school diploma or equivalent degree graduated student can get into the enrollment directly, and make the dream of going Bachelor’s Degree come true.
Obtain certificate of Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma—— obtain the certificate of diploma, bachelor’s degree with the authorization of ministry of education.
During the 3 years in China, students complete all of the courses and their results are eligible, the students can obtain the diploma of Northern Melbourne Institution of TAFE, the certificate of business English, and also the certificate of completion of Dalian Jiaotong University.
2 years abroad, students complete all of the courses and the results are eligible, the students can obtain the certificate of Bachelor’s Degree of La Trobe University in Australia.
Be accredited by society as: Study abroad the shortcut straight to achievements in the future
During the talents cultivation, the institute adhered to and adopted excellent teaching method and management model of foreign universities, fully taking advantage of foreign high quality resources. One-third courses should be taught in English by the excellent teachers and experts who are chosen by the foreign universities.
Highlight capability cultivation——take “ English+ Major+ Capability” as the main line for structuring the curriculum system, achieving the integration and composition of knowledge and content, cultivating international interdisciplinary talents.
Intensify foreign language learning and application——English teaching should be undertaken by Australian and Chinese teachers together, except English course, other courses will be delivered by the teachers for Dalian Jiaotong University. The entire curriculum adopts the Australian teaching plan. The passing rate of ITLES is high, some students achieved 7.0 point.
Strict control and enrich campus life——according to the regulations for students management of Dalian Jiaotong University, the school makes strict control. There is an supervisor for classes, setting up the League party. The students can join in the all kinds of cultural association in Dalian Jiaotong University, and use the teaching resources in the university. The learning atmosphere in the university supplies the basis for cultivating sentiment, practical-minded, and creation style of study of the students.
High rate of going abroad——the excellent students can apply the scholarship from the foreign university. For the high quality of the graduated students, many famous foreign universities admit the credits the students taking from Dalian Jiaotong University, which offers students more choices.


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